Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Proposal: Slight Rebalancing

1-1, with 1 undefined Imperial vote.  Timed out, failed by Excalabur.

Adminned at 23 Sep 2005 09:44:15 UTC

I know we haven’t tested the abilities yet, but I think they need some tweaking. Telecracy’s attack ability is overpowered, since it can convert potentially large numbers of populaton units with just a 1 unit scout.  The Despotism ability is underpowered, since it has an expensive all-or-nothing condition (must double the enemy force) as well as a drawback (adding to the native population which makes Hostile Takeovers more difficult). So make these adjustments in the Conflict rule:-

Change the second sentence of the Telecracy Attack Method to:

This transfers population units from the defending presence to the attacking presence. The amount transferred may be up to the square root of the defending presence (rounding all fractions up to the nearest integer), but no more than size of the attacking presence.

Change the first sentence of the Despotism Attack Method to:

A Country using Despotism may Dominate if e has an attacking presence that is greater than the defending presence.



09-21-2005 16:26:23 UTC

I’m not sure about half of this proposal, I think Despotism may be too easy now.


09-21-2005 21:23:27 UTC



09-23-2005 16:40:01 UTC

against Because no proposal should pass 1-0.