Sunday, July 24, 2011

Proposal: Slippery floor

Enacted, 6-2. Josh

Adminned at 28 Jul 2011 10:34:14 UTC

Create a new subrule to rule “Fittings and Fixtures” called “Blood!” and reading as follows:

A Blood Pool is an Entity with IconBlood.png as Icon. Whenever a Gladiator would move into a blood pool by Stepping, being Shoved, being Charged or Slipping, he moves to the square adjacent to the Blood Pool in the same direction he would have moved into the Blood Pool. This Event is known as Slipping. If no such square exist, or it is blocked, he moves to the Blood Pool square instead, and then Die. The Blood Pool is then removed from the game.
Immediately after a Gladiator Dies, if the square where he met his last death is empty, a Blood Pool is created there instead.

If Proposal “My Cup of tea” passes, change the second to last Paragraph in rule “Victory and Glory” to:

When the Gladiator holding The Cup Dies, an Instance of CUP is placed on the square where he met his last death, if only one exists and it is Empty or contains a Blood Pool.

If half of the EVC’s to this Proposal contain the word “Bloodthirsty”:
1.  Add to “Fittings and Fixtures”:

If he died Explosively, Blood Pools are created also in all the squares that are adjacent to said square and are empty immediately after the death.

2.  And add to rule “Death and Scorekeeping”:

Explosive Death is death caused by:
* StickyBombs exploding
* StickyBomb Fountains

This is a way to move faster, kill people in new and interesting ways and to feel some more sadistic satisfaction after you have killed your enemy.
The Slippery Blood idea is not mine, but from a boardgame called Fearsome Floors.



24-07-2011 17:02:42 UTC

for expliciting. Oh, and I’d like to say that I’m very Bloodthirsty. Do anyone have some Zombejuice?


24-07-2011 17:06:33 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

24-07-2011 19:15:48 UTC



24-07-2011 20:09:08 UTC



24-07-2011 21:32:25 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

25-07-2011 08:24:10 UTC

for “he moves to the Blood Pool square instead” contradicts “Each Arena Square may contain either one or zero Entities”, but we can patch this.


25-07-2011 08:33:15 UTC



25-07-2011 15:01:14 UTC

against My sole objection is that we’d need different icons for blood-stained weapons, blood-stained traps and blood-stained players, which effort.

Kevan: HE/HIM

25-07-2011 15:08:05 UTC

It’s mostly only affecting Empty Squares, there are just a couple of (accidental?) slips where Squares can contain Blood and a Cup or (briefly) Blood and a Gladiator.

Prince Anduril:

25-07-2011 16:07:57 UTC

against ‘Explosively’ needs to be defined. It could easily mean ‘suddenly’ or ‘rapidly’, which, since all deaths are instant, could imply that all deaths are explosive. That means a lot of blood - too much to wait for a patch.

Prince Anduril:

25-07-2011 16:09:51 UTC

To pre-empt the obvious objection: The qualification of ‘explosive’ deaths does not exclude all other deaths, but just specifies some of them.


25-07-2011 18:34:57 UTC

I think the cup would actually replace any blood pool by interpretation of the rule. Not sure about the gladiator case but that should be patched.


25-07-2011 19:47:28 UTC

Right, that part is buggy. Luckily, there’s an EVC clause.
for Expliciting: not thirsty any more.

Prince Anduril:

26-07-2011 15:04:25 UTC

for Okay. CoV given the lack of EVC.


26-07-2011 21:56:00 UTC