Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ascension Address: Smash the State

Here is the news.

Gangs of youths are smashing their way through the city centre tonight, torching stores and buildings, after the fatal police shooting of a teenager in the worst rioting seen in decades.

The windows of one of the city’s luxury hotels have been smashed. The lobby was filled with tear gas or smoke and a hotel guard said guests were evacuated. A small fire is burning in the lobby of the Foreign Ministry opposite Parliament.

Downtown, dozens of buildings are being smashed and rioters are throwing Molotov cocktails.

Anarchist groups are also blamed for late-night firebombings of targets such as banks and diplomatic vehicles.

The police seem to have largely withdrawn but the Prime Minister tonight confirmed that he is considering applying military rule.


Repeal all dynastic rules except rule 2.3, Royal Blood.
Change “Commoner” to “Anarchist” and “Mad Prince” to “Establishment”.

While I’m not as anti daily actions as ais, I’d still like to avoid anything looking like grind.



01-04-2010 13:05:40 UTC

Nice theme.

I like the new veto icon, but a pink background is ... a little bit strange :P

Josh: he/they

01-04-2010 13:08:22 UTC

Strangely amazing you mean!

I’ll see if it settles down - if it still makes my eyes bleed in a day or two then it might get slightly changed.


01-04-2010 13:14:35 UTC

don’t forget to change the gndt colours

Josh: he/they

01-04-2010 16:23:08 UTC

It looks a lot nicer on my home computer.


01-04-2010 17:39:45 UTC

Heh, borrowing the veto  icon from Amni’s last dynasty.

Darknight: he/him

02-04-2010 02:55:34 UTC

whats the theme anyway? colors aren’t bad either

redtara: they/them

02-04-2010 03:29:16 UTC

Dislike colours.


02-04-2010 13:13:19 UTC

As I said elsewhere, the colours are a little harsh on the eyes.