Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Proposal: Snowball Proposal

Vetoed -Darth

Adminned at 29 Sep 2009 10:00:16 UTC

Create a new rule, “Winter looms over”:

There exists a sub-rule to this rule called the Snowball Rule. As a daily action, a Survivor (known as the Plower) can try to push the Snowball around by making a Fitness Test. If the Fitness Test is passed, the Snowball moves as intended, and the Plower may add a number of characters to the end of the Snowball Rule equal to the number of words already on the Snowball rule (no more, no less) as the Snowball picks them up. Punctuation marks and spaces count as one character each. If the Fitness Test is Failed, the Plower takes damage.

Create a new sub-rule, “Snowball Rule” to the rule “Winter looms over”:

Ice is cold.


Josh: he/they

29-09-2009 09:39:32 UTC

imperial If this passes then someone will have added ‘x may declare victory’ by the end of the day. It’s an abrupt way to the end of the dynasty, for sure.


29-09-2009 10:09:40 UTC

against Nah, it’s a daily action and the number of characters is initially very limited. I’d probably add a meaningless “A A A” etc to the end of the rule to get the number of letters up, though. The issue is that this sort of self-mutating rule is unlikely to produce anything interesting; to start with nobody can control it, eventually someone will just win. (Also, gives an unfair advantage to Oze, who has the shortest name.) I’ve seen this sort of rule at other nomics; but it’s normally been more interesting (common versions of it include copying existing rules with changes, or stealing rules from other nomics).

Josh: he/they

29-09-2009 10:13:13 UTC

The rule doesn’t specify that only one survivor can undertake it per day, though. Assuming that everyone does it on the first day, we’ll easily be up to enough letters for someone to spell out a victory condition.


29-09-2009 10:25:54 UTC

The survivors would be unlikely to cooperate to cause one particular person to win. What would be the motivation for that?

Josh: he/they

29-09-2009 10:36:51 UTC

They wouldn’t, but the process of using the rule will enable someone to win. At the moment there’s 12 characters; the first person to use the rule gets 12, the next gets 24. “Josh may declare victory” is exactly 24 characters. In other words: either the rule immediately lets someone win or it never, ever gets used.


29-09-2009 11:08:11 UTC

@Josh: you add a number of extra characters equal to the number of /words/, not the number of /characters/. So the first person adds 3; even if they add “A a”, the next person can add no more than 5. I think it’d let someone declare victory pretty soon if it was edited constantly, though, maybe a few days, and as a result it would never get used.

Josh: he/they

29-09-2009 11:12:12 UTC

Ah, yes, fair point - I did misunderstand that.

Even so, though, my feeling is that this has little effective use besides allowing someone to get a victory in.


29-09-2009 11:17:03 UTC

Well, that’s why I’m voting against…


29-09-2009 13:47:10 UTC


Josh: he/they

29-09-2009 14:27:33 UTC

@ais: So we agree. Hooray!


29-09-2009 16:58:27 UTC

veto  This is quite obviously an arthexian scam.