Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proposal: Some Business Plan Clarification

Reached a quorum 7-0.—Yoda

Adminned at 12 May 2011 08:55:43 UTC

Change the rule “Business Plans” to read

Each Corporation has a Business Plan which is tracked on the BN Index. A Business Plan is the amount which is added to the Worth of the Corporation to which it belongs during each Quarterly Report.

If no Investor has made a Quarterly Report within the past 48 hours, any Investor may do so. To make a Quarterly Report, An Investor must first Make a Comment in the GNDT stating that they are doing so, then they must compute the new Worth of each Corporation, by adding each Business Plan to its corresponding Corporation’s Worth, and update the BN Index to reflect this.

If a Business Plan would be changed by any means other than by Proposal, the new Business Plan is placed in parenthesis below the current Business plan, and has no effect on Quarterly Reports until The Market Signs Off on it by removing the parenthesis and removing the old Business Plan from the BN Index. The Market may also veto a plan that is in parenthesis by removing it from the BN Index and keeping the current Business Plan, but should explain their reason for doing so in a blog post or comment. If the Market vetoes a plan that was created by a Shareholder Meeting, they shall increase the Worth of the corresponding Corporation by 100.

In the rule “Startups”, change “Add ((1DICE4) - 2) * 50” to “((1DICE4) - 2) * 50”.

Remove the word “Add” from every Corporation’s Business Plan.



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