Saturday, October 07, 2006

Proposal: Something to dye

Self-Killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 09 Oct 2006 14:07:18 UTC

the Proposal titled “Something To Stroke” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add a new rule, The Rule Formerly Known As Proposal:

A vegetable may often challenge another vegetable to a beard-dyeing competition, if such a competition hasn’t been resolved that day and both vegetables have a Beard Length of at least 16, by making a post either insulting the other vegetable’s beard or announcing the awesomeness of cheese, beards or cheesy beards, AND insulting the other vegetable’s beard, or lack thereof.
The other vegetable may accept within 24 hours by responding to that post, either asking the way to the railway station in a foreign language, or claiming Elvis is alive, preferably also in a foreign language.

If the challenge is accepted within 24 hours, it is immediately resolved, and the beard-dyeing competition is held, with both vegetables as its contestants. The vegetable with the best dyed beard wins.

For the purposes of last paragraph, ‘the beard-dyeing competition’ is defined as ‘A DICEN check for each contestant, where N is the number of entries on the Tasty List.’, ‘held’ is defined as ‘made’, and ‘The vegetable with the best dyed beard’ is defined as ‘If one contestant’s DICEN check corresponds with the vegetable named ‘Purplebeard’ and the other’s doesn’t, the first wins. If the results are equal, roll again. Otherwise, the contestant whose result is closest to 5*pi’.

The winning contestant of a beard-dyeing competition receives Beard Length equal to half eir DICEN check, rounded down. The other contestant loses Beard Length equal to half eir DICEN check, rounded up.


Elias IX:

07-10-2006 19:04:54 UTC

for for a beautiful proposal.


07-10-2006 19:56:09 UTC

Vraiment, j’a vu Elvis ce matin.
(Vive le roi!)


07-10-2006 19:58:45 UTC

against This would be a nice proposal, if only it did something.


07-10-2006 22:04:56 UTC

against Crap.