Sunday, March 10, 2013

Proposal: Space Ikea

Reaches quorum and passes at 9-0. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 11 Mar 2013 01:05:07 UTC

Append to the rule entitled “Modules”:

If the Assembly Instructions for a Module include an Cost of Assemblage, that cost must be transferred to a Captain whose Class is Space Station and who has the same Position as the Captain who Installs the Module, in addition to any other actions specified in the Assembly Instructions.

The available Modules are listed as subrules to this rule. The title of each subrule is the name of the corresponding Module.

If the proposal entitled “Warp Drive” passed, in the rule of the same name, remove “The Module named “Warp Drive” is defined as follows:”, and change

You can only Install this Module if another Captain, whose Ship Class is “Space Station”, has the same Position as you. To Install this Module, transfer 2 Resources and 1 Dilithium to any Captain whose Ship Class is “Space Station” and who has the same Position as you. If the Captain who would receive these Resources is unable to accommodate the new total with their current Hold, then you cannot Install this Module.


Cost of Assemblage: 2 Resources and 1 Dilithium.

Add a subrule to “Modules” entitled “Evasive Thrusters”:

* Size: 0
* Assembly Instructions: A Captain with Scout as their Ship Class must spend 1 Tritanium and 1 Silver to install this Module. A Captain may not have more than one of this Module. Cost of Assemblage: 2 Gold.
* Effects: Whenever a Captain with this Module is Raided, the value of M (rolled with the Attacker’s Firepower) is reduced by 2, to a minimum of 0, after the DICE roll.

Add another subrule to “Modules” entitled “Photonic Destabiliser”:

* Size: 3
* Assembly Instructions: A Captain must spend 2 Aluminum and 1 Dilithium to install this Module.
* Effects: As a Weeky Action, Measure the Spectral Type of your Position as if that Sector were White.

Add another subrule to “Modules” entitled “Gravitational Shields”:

* Size: 5
* Assembly Instructions: A Captain must spend 2 Tritanium to install this Module. Cost of Assemblage: 2 Silver.
* Effects: A Captain who has this Module installed does not lose Weapons by jumping from one Black Sector to another.


Josh: Announcer he/him

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quirck: he/him

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10-03-2013 15:07:48 UTC

Two concerns:
Does the “Photonic Destabiliser” allow you to change a sector’s color? If so, this seems like an unbalanced module.
Does the language “a Captain must” imply that all captains must purchase the module, or am I reading too much into the language?


10-03-2013 16:02:56 UTC


Kikar:  The “must” is conditional.  In order to install the module, the captain must do whatever.  But purchasing the module is optional.  It’s an if-then ( InstallModule—> payCost).


10-03-2013 17:13:37 UTC



10-03-2013 22:11:47 UTC

Also, there are two Assembly costs for “Evasive Thrusters”


11-03-2013 01:14:46 UTC

Cost of Assemblage is a special cost to be transferred to a nearby Space Station.


11-03-2013 04:12:40 UTC