Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spam vs. good play

I have a scam that allows me (alone) to get up to ULTRAVIOLET clearance, but it’s very spammy (it’ll require me to make six story posts). Should I do it anyway? Or shall I just demonstrate one round of the scam and become ULTRAVIOLET by CFJ, or something? Or something else?

I note that BlogNomic’s collective zeal to defend the nomic from scams is what is leading to this requiring many posts rather than one; I was trying to covertly slip bugs into proposals to allow me to do it in one go, but failed.



05-08-2010 14:17:46 UTC

Well, six Story Posts would be okay, but now you‘d need even seven. That‘s too much;)

Seriously, just do it. :)

Kevan: he/him

05-08-2010 14:42:10 UTC

Who knows what a quorum of players will consider to be “spam”.


05-08-2010 16:39:41 UTC

It’s only spam if it serves no purpose.


05-08-2010 16:40:05 UTC

If you ask me, that is. Also, if you crash the server.