Friday, October 01, 2010

Proposal: Spandau Ballet

Reaches quorum, 9-3. Josh

Adminned at 01 Oct 2010 13:30:54 UTC

If necessary, revert the Berlin Map page to its 10:42, 1 Oct 2010 revision.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled Berlin 1946:

A map of Berlin can be found here. This page may not be edited unless another rule or enacted proposal specifically allows it.

Each Agent has a Location. Locations are notated as five-letter strings. The first letter of the string refers to which side of Berlin the Agent is in; the second and third letters refer to the sector occupied by the Agent; and the fourth and fifth letters refer to the district. A complete key to location information can be found at the same page as the map, linked to above.

As a weekly action, an Agent may change their Location by telephoning the Director with their point of origin and destination. The list of Locations held by the Director is at all times considered to be definitive.

Each Agent’s Last Known Location is tracked in the GNDT. This must consist of a valid location and of a date at which it was believed to be true. Any Agent may update this at any time, provided that they possess information that is more recent that the information that exists in the GNDT. An Agent may change their own Last Known Location if they wish, but such an update must be truthful.

Add a link to the map to the sidebar and add a column for Last Known Location to the GNDT.



10-01-2010 11:03:43 UTC

for A little bit shaky - there’s no default starting location, and no limitation on just making up Last Known Locations (all you need to do is “possess information”, which is meaninglessly vague), but this feels like a good direction to be heading in.


10-01-2010 11:17:31 UTC

Both of those are slightly intentional. In a way, it’s nice for players who don’t want to move to be “deep undercover” and thus essentially unfindable. And I wanted misinformation in the GNDT to be possible as well, which is why the requirement for truthfulness is restricted to the Agent updating their own records. All of that it subject to whatever mechanics come along later, of course.


10-01-2010 14:31:36 UTC



10-01-2010 14:47:14 UTC


Thane Q:

10-01-2010 14:53:08 UTC



10-01-2010 15:14:24 UTC

against I dislike movement-driven Dynasties.  They tend to rely on either arbitrary who-can-move-when rules, which slow the game down, or on people being able to get online at just the right time, which isn’t fair.


10-01-2010 15:31:00 UTC

against Although the map of Berlin is accurate in my opinion there are too many different locations.


10-01-2010 15:32:11 UTC

against CoV per Brendan.


10-01-2010 15:38:11 UTC

[Brendan] It’s true that “Location” variables tend towards “this variable may be changed to one of several ‘adjacent’ values, at will, but not more than once per time period” mechanics, but in practice I don’t think they’ve ever been that damaging, and I’d entirely support clauses to prevent game-slowing or clock-watching.

That map (or a photoshopped version of it with the codes written in place) seems far too interesting and theme-heavy not to use.


10-01-2010 15:44:58 UTC

I do like the map.  I’d be more interested in using it for, say, dead drops and verbotenzonen.


10-01-2010 15:58:01 UTC

@Brendan - part of me considered making it a one-off secret variable. Perhaps I should have done!

In any case, the map and the codes are there on the wiki, so if anyone else wants to make a proposal using it then they should feel free to do so.


10-01-2010 17:44:26 UTC

against Per Brendan


10-01-2010 17:50:47 UTC

for .  I see this less as “who can move when” and more “who can move when without being seen”.


10-01-2010 19:19:33 UTC



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10-01-2010 20:28:11 UTC

for CoV