Saturday, October 17, 2009

Proposal: Speak for England, JeffSheets

Passed 10-0.  10 Points to Kevan.

Adminned at 18 Oct 2009 06:52:27 UTC

Reword the rule “First Speaker” to:-

A Player may be the Speaker for a single Dynasty of BlogNomic. This is tracked in the GNDT, as the number of that Dynasty. (A Dynasty’s number is its position in the “Dynastic History” section of the BlogNomic wiki main page - a section which may not be edited or duplicated while this rule exists. Round One and Metadynasties are considered to be Dynasties for the purpose of this rule.)

A Speaker’s job is to ensure that the Dynasty’s page in the BlogNomic wiki contains the following information:-

  • A copy of the Ascension Address, if one was made.
  • A list of at least three of the players who took part in that Dynasty.
  • A link to a copy of the final ruleset, hosted on the BlogNomic wiki.
  • At least five proposals of interest, with links (via if they were hosted on the deleted and a one-sentence summary of what made them interesting.
  • Details of how the dynasty ended.

If a Player is not a Speaker for a Dynasty, they may - as a weekly action - Attempt to Speak. To Attempt to Speak, a Player rolls DICE68 in the GNDT to select a Dynasty with the resulting number. If no other Player is the Speaker of that Dynasty, and if the Dynasty’s wiki page does not meet the criteria in the list above, then the rolling Player becomes its Speaker. Otherwise, the player may either roll again, or end their Attempt to Speak.

If a Player is the Speaker of a Dynasty and it meets the criteria listed above, that Player is awarded 10 points and ceases to be its Speaker.

JeffSheets shall be the Speaker of Round One, and the GNDT shall be updated to reflect this.

If the Dynastic History section of the BlogNomic wiki’s main page was edited or duplicated while this proposal was pending, revert the page to how it was on the 16th of October 2009.



10-17-2009 12:27:34 UTC

for Well amused.

Ienpw III:

10-17-2009 14:35:44 UTC

against I am planning to propose something with the speaker.


10-17-2009 15:33:30 UTC

No reason Yuri’s proposal can’t assign additional duties

Ienpw III:

10-17-2009 16:10:48 UTC

for CoV, I suppose..


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10-17-2009 21:46:54 UTC

for Looks like I’ll have abit of work to do with mine then lol


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