Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Call for Judgment: [Special Case] Yes Collaboration

Reaches quorum, 4-1. Enacted by pokes. (Corrected from 4-0; didn’t see Clucky’s against before enacting.)

Adminned at 08 Jun 2021 17:09:34 UTC

Set “No Collaboration” to inactive.

So that Kevan can privately suggest something for the Installee.


Kevan: HE/HIM

08-06-2021 17:02:21 UTC

for I don’t see that you’d be breaking any rules by ignoring the “should arrange for some kind of physical copy” clause (since “should” just means “is recommended that”), and you could freely decide to do the same postal things early next dynasty irrespective of the ruleset, but sure, if you like.

Jason: HE/HIM

08-06-2021 17:03:16 UTC


Raven1207: HE/HIM

08-06-2021 17:05:12 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

08-06-2021 17:08:08 UTC


To quote Kevan

“Should definitely keep secrets secret until the DoV passes, though. If someone wakes up in the next few hours and explains that the Round was invalid and we have to play one more, we can’t put any shared secrets back in the bottle”