Friday, March 01, 2013


The spectrometer reads orange in Sirius.

And don’t call me Shirley.



01-03-2013 14:54:43 UTC

I just moved to Sirius and got Red. I think I posted before you did, but only barely.


01-03-2013 14:56:19 UTC

Yeah, this is an interesting race condition. I believe that according to a strict reading of the rules, the first post wins, so Sirius will be coloured Red.


01-03-2013 15:27:56 UTC

Yeah, whoops, my meter must need a bit of recalibration there.


01-03-2013 15:55:39 UTC

Keep in mind that spectral analyses must be posted in the Story Post category.

Kevan: he/him

01-03-2013 16:01:32 UTC

Should we re-enable the “Story Post” prefix, for clarity’s sake? I think it fell off the last time we redefined what a Story Post was, but the current definition seems like it could use a prefix.

Or shall we define Story Post as “a post which isn’t a CfJ, Proposal or DoV”, instead? (This is, I assume, the only reason why we’re nervous about simply saying “a player may do X by declaring it in a post” in our rules.)


01-03-2013 16:08:41 UTC

Kevan: I reenabled it last dynasty. So I’m pretty sure that these spectral moves fail.

Josh: Bookie he/they

01-03-2013 16:45:03 UTC

Yes, the prefix is currently automatic.