Thursday, February 28, 2013

Proposal: Spectroscopy

Reaches Quorum and passes, 8-6. Of the 14 EVC’s, 10 contain the phrase “Impound Punishment” so it has a majority. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 28 Feb 2013 18:59:50 UTC

If there is a rule entitled “The Final Frontier”, enact a subrule of it entitled “Spectroscopy”:

Every Sector has a Spectral Type, which is indicated by its color on the Galaxy Map and is one of the following: White, Red, Green, Silver, Yellow, Turquoise, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Black. A Sector with Spectral Type White has not yet been visited, meaning its actual Spectral Type is currently unknown. Earth’s Spectral Type is Green.

When a Captain Travels to a Sector with Spectral Type White, they shall use the GNDT random COLOR generator to Measure its actual Spectral Type, retrying if they get the result of White. No later than 6 hours after they Traveled to the Sector, they shall submit a Story Post with a Subject beginning with “SPECTRO:” that reports the Sector’s name and Measured Spectral Type. If they do not do so, their Position shall be changed to “Earth” by themself or any Admin. They or another Captain should then update the Galaxy Map with the new Spectral Type. The Galaxy Map shall not be updated less than once every week to reflect all new Measurements, or else every Captain’s Position shall be changed to “Earth”.

If a majority of EVCs on this Proposal include the text “Impound Punishment”, and if there exists a Rule entitled “Spaceships”, then in the Rule “Spectroscopy” change all occurrences of the text “Position shall be changed to “Earth”” to “Ship Class shall be changed to “-”“.

More setup.



02-28-2013 03:49:24 UTC

for like.  How do we edit the Galaxy Map, though?


02-28-2013 03:55:13 UTC

Hopefully it’ll have its own wiki page.


02-28-2013 03:58:43 UTC

for + Impound Punishment, since otherwise this could be abused for “fast travel” back to Earth.


02-28-2013 04:03:38 UTC



02-28-2013 04:03:46 UTC

While the earth start is interesting, I’d sort of be interested in distributing our players all over.  The one problem I have is what if we’ve explored the whole board?


02-28-2013 04:18:21 UTC

Hopefully by the time we’ve explored a little bit (a) we’ll have distributed ourselves all over, and (b) there will be some more interesting things to do in Sectors.


02-28-2013 04:26:37 UTC

In that case,  for + Impound Punishment.  as per MurphEngineer.


02-28-2013 06:45:21 UTC

for  though I don’t like “shall” in punishments: what if we overlook it and thus make gamestate illegal


02-28-2013 07:59:21 UTC

against on the free teleport to Earth and because I oppose all EVC clauses.


02-28-2013 10:13:14 UTC

against Per Purplebeard, and a gamestate document we can only update using a graphics editor and a wiki upload seems likely to slow things down.

Nice to see a rule that tries to cover what happens if an update isn’t made, though.


02-28-2013 12:02:44 UTC

for If anyone can’t update the map, I offer to do it for them; just PM me. And Impound Punishment because a Fast Travel to Earth is a more dubious form of punishment.


02-28-2013 13:57:08 UTC



02-28-2013 14:45:11 UTC

for + Impound Punishment


02-28-2013 17:38:36 UTC

against Repeated vote with the EVC words “Impound Punishment”.


02-28-2013 19:56:58 UTC

I like this rule, but would it make more sense to have the punishment for Captains who do not make an update be that they simply are moved back to the location they were at before they attempted to change their locations?


02-28-2013 20:05:15 UTC

against +impound punishment


02-28-2013 20:39:49 UTC

against Impound Punishment


02-28-2013 23:34:31 UTC

for Impound Punishment


03-01-2013 01:33:58 UTC

for Impound Punishment

Purplebeard, you’re being silly. Kevan, I proposed a fix.


03-01-2013 02:28:52 UTC

against Impound Punishment