Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proposal: Spite

cannot pass without COV, final vote 2-6—Yoda

Adminned at 10 Jul 2008 21:21:22 UTC

If the proposal “A challenger has appeared v2” does not pass, this proposal does nothing.

Add the following to the rule “Rivals”

An Adventurer cannot have the same alignment of their rival. If at any time they have the same alignment as their rival, their rival is set to “-”.

If two adventurers are each others rivals, and their alignments are either Chaotic Evil and Lawful Good or Lawful Evil and Chaotic Good, they are called “bitter” rivals. Bitter rivals automatically vote against any proposal made by their rival (in the same way that the proposer’s vote automatically counts as for) and even if they try to change their vote, it still counts as against. If an adventurer’s bitter rival has already voted FOR a proposal, that adventurer may not vote against it. Any AGAINST vote on such a proposal (or a vote that would count as a AGAINST vote) is instead an Abstain. If an adventurer’s biter rival has already voted AGAINST a proposal, that adventurer may not vote for it. Any FOR vote on such a proposal (or a vote that would count as a FOR vote) is instead an Abstain. Bitter rivals are not allowed to mention their rival by name.

This, in addition to other things, fixes the “be your own rival” loophole =)



07-10-2008 18:00:15 UTC

*is surprised there hadn’t been a proposal named “spite” before” *


07-10-2008 18:03:32 UTC


I think rivals should be able to share alignments, but I love the bitter rival idea.


07-10-2008 18:11:46 UTC



07-10-2008 18:13:21 UTC

Granted, my vote is in part because Clucky is trying to make him not my rival, and in part because I can see 2 “Lawful Good” adventurers that are rivals to each other because of personal reasons, not because of any other reason.


07-10-2008 18:17:07 UTC

But the whole point of this proposal is to get you off my back.


07-10-2008 18:20:35 UTC

YEp, I know.  HEnce me voting against it.


07-10-2008 18:54:47 UTC



07-10-2008 22:21:00 UTC

against Why not just make it to where an Adventurer cannot be his own rival?  Two Adventurers with the same alignment should be able to be rivals.


07-11-2008 00:04:02 UTC



07-11-2008 00:59:23 UTC



07-11-2008 02:11:45 UTC