Saturday, September 17, 2005

Proposal: Spoils

3-0, timed out, enacted by Excalabur.

Adminned at 18 Sep 2005 23:25:40 UTC

Add an Idle Lands sub-rule to Territories:

Whenever a Country goes Idle, the control of eir Homeland sucedes to the Hegemonist. Any other Territory they control becomes uncontrolled.

Whenever a Country is Unidled, the control of eir Homeland is given back to em. The control of any other Territory they controlled at the moment of Idleing that is still uncontrolled at the moment of Unidling is also returned to em.

Just before a Country goes Idle for not voting in a week, the Stocks of Commodities that Country would held at the moment of Idling shall be distributed equally (round down) between all the remaing Countries, except the Hegemonist.

A Country that asks to become Idle will automatically sell all eir Commodities to the Hegemonist, just before e goes Idle. That shall be construed as if e’d issued a SELL Market Order with H$ XX being equal the SELL values at the last Market Position at that time and as if that Order would have been immediately Accepted and Processed by the Hegemonist.

This rule supersedes Rule 2 provisions about a Country’s personal gamestate upon returning from Idle status.



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09-18-2005 18:38:32 UTC