Friday, April 28, 2017

Proposal: Spring Cleaning

Timed out 5-1. Enacted by card.

Adminned at 30 Apr 2017 15:57:14 UTC


Bloggsball has a long tradition of picking up bloggers from off the street when a team is thin. At any time a manager who has sufficient cash and team slots may hire a special kind of Blogger called a “PuP” (in stands for “Pick up Player”), by paying $10,000. All PuPs have stats of 3 and a level of 7, their favorite fruit is always watermelon, and their name is always “PuP”, unless they are named by the Commissioner. A PuP who has not been named, who would be auctioned is instead not auctioned.

At any time, a manager who owns a “PuP” whose stats are not 3 and whose level is not 7, may request that the player is named by the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall do so in a timely manner.

from the current rules page.

Add to the list of characteristics that makes a bid invalid in “Auctions”

* The bid is a value of $0



04-28-2017 09:32:03 UTC

why tho

we just passed that first part

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-28-2017 11:40:44 UTC



04-28-2017 15:18:18 UTC

[Cuddlebeam] I’m fairly certain I made this when you still had no starting or regular cash.


04-28-2017 15:22:35 UTC


Oracular rufio:

04-28-2017 17:55:01 UTC

for Although the second change is unnecessary, since the rules already state that bids must be for positive integers.


04-28-2017 18:07:02 UTC

0 is both a positive and negative integer, the bid would have stated positive natural numbers if they didn’t include 0.


04-29-2017 12:50:02 UTC



04-29-2017 18:09:25 UTC


I like pups.