Thursday, March 19, 2015

Story Post: Spring Reading

Long have I parted the innards of this sacrificial coney. This is what they tell me. Obey these Predictions for your Birth Signs and you will gain fortune at the passing of the season.

The Eel
Distaff: Gain 4 animals in your home this season.
Flax: Gain 3 books in your home this season.
Spindle: Do not hold the job of Smith.

The Bee
Distaff: Do not hold the job of homemaker
Flax: Gain 3 humans in your home
Spindle: Hold the job of Priest

The Toad
Distaff: Suffer the Plague in your home
Flax: Clean your home this Spring
Spindle: Do not hold the job of Teacher

The Crossed Swords
Distaff: Lose three items of furniture
Flax: Hold the job of Clerk
Spindle: Have exactly one vegetable

The Greater Triangle
Distaff: Take up the job of Builder
Flax: You are cursed; pass the mantle to one who isn’t dying this season
Spindle: Gain at least one meat in your home this season

The Parapet
Distaff: Do not hold the job of Farmer
Flax: Do not hold the job of Hunter
Spindle: Have at least one constellation in your birth sign not visible in the sky

Follow these forecasts and the great wheel of fate is sure to look upon you with benevolent eyes.

I’ve updated Fate in the GNDT; if you disagree with my reckoning let me know and I’ll try to correct.



19-03-2015 16:35:10 UTC

I’m uncanny again, because I cannot gain 3 humans in one Season and I cannot gain vegetables in Spring.

Brendan: he/him

19-03-2015 18:01:19 UTC

What does “pass the mantle” mean?

Darknight: he/him

19-03-2015 21:01:28 UTC

Uncanny again. Can’t gain 3 humans in one season


19-03-2015 22:13:29 UTC

I’m uncanny, since I cannot loose three Furniture this season.

Also, I second Brendans question.

Josh: he/him

19-03-2015 22:58:39 UTC

Huh, I don’t know what happened there. It’s suppose to just say that you have to die this season. Do you suppose I can correct it?


20-03-2015 08:55:56 UTC

Not by the rules… I guess we are uncanny now, since “passing the mantle” seems to be impossible because UNDEF by the rules… ^^

Kevan: Oracle he/him

20-03-2015 09:56:23 UTC

You can’t change the blog post because it’s an “official post”. I’d say that you wouldn’t be allowed to informally define undefined terms either, because the Readings Post “sets out” the Predictions and the later assessment only applies to requirements which had been “set out”.


20-03-2015 11:46:40 UTC

The question would be, is a undefined ... thing(?) possible or not? I say it isn’t. How would you meet that prediction?


21-03-2015 21:29:12 UTC

Actually, I think I cannot achieve any of my readings.

I don’t have three items of Furniture to loose, I cannot do UNDEFINED and I also cannot gain a meat, since there is no mechanic of gaining meat introduced, only loosing it.

So, I am VERY uncanny. Does that give me a bonus? :-P