Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Proposal: Squad

Times out 3-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 22 Oct 2015 20:14:12 UTC

Replace the item in the rule “Vices” that begins with “Ira” with the following:

  • Ira - If a Cardinal has Ira as their Vice, has a Loyalty other than None, and does not share an Alliance with the Pope, their Church Actions cost 1 less Influence. This may not cause Church Actions to cost less than 0 Influence.

Add the following item to the list in the same rule:

  • Gula - Upon choosing Gula as their Vice, a Cardinal’s Influence becomes 5 and their Benefices become 1. A Cardinal may not choose Gula if they have ever had Gula as their Vice before.

If a Cardinal’s EVC on this Proposal includes the phrase “Dies Irae,” and their Vice is Ira when this is enacted, remove that Cardinal’s Vice.


Kevan: he/him

20-10-2015 18:52:22 UTC



20-10-2015 23:16:09 UTC