Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Proposal: Standing Offers

5-1.  Timed out, enacted by Excalabur.

Adminned at 28 Sep 2005 21:22:14 UTC

Add a Standing Offers sub-rule to Market

Often, a Country other than the Hegemonist may post a note to the the Commodities Market Discussion page, with the title “Standing Offer #NNN”, where NNN is a unique sequential number starting at 001.

A “Standing Offer” Note shall list the Conditions at which that Country will automatically accept a Market Order. Those Conditions may be absolute (Ex.: “I will accept buy orders for Grains at H$ 150”) or relative (Ex. “I will accept Buy orders for Grains if they are no more than 5% cheaper than the Hegemonist’s price for Buy Grains Orders”). Conditions may also specify caps for the quantity of Commodities traded in a single order.

To cancel a “Standing Offer” Note, a Country has only to post another such Note, specifying: “I will not automatically accept any Orders from now on”.

To benefit from a “Standing Offer” Note, the Country posting a Market Order that meets that Note’s conditions must mention that Note in the body of the Order, just below the list of traded Commodities. A Country may only mention another Country’s last “Standing Offer” Note at the time the Market Order is being posted.

If all other conditions for Closing an Order are met and it also meets the Conditions listed in the mentioned “Standing Offer” Note, the Hegemonist will Close a Market Order as if the Target Country had accepted that Order. Otherwise, the Hegemonist will fail the Order.



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