Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Proposal: Starter Box

number of residents not voting against less than quorum 1-4 failed by card

Adminned at 07 Feb 2018 19:14:35 UTC

Add to “Supplies”:

The default inventory values for a new Resident is “Fibreboard*, Lockbox, Lockbox Key”

Might as well.



02-06-2018 03:42:08 UTC

for boop


02-06-2018 04:13:22 UTC

I can’t remember, was “back to the basics” the first instance of a self-lockdown? I hope it becomes put to more use regardless.


02-06-2018 05:11:29 UTC

My first self-lockdown is this one: https://blognomic.com/archive/easier_money#comments


02-06-2018 09:16:44 UTC

It’d be good to get back to the old default of voting straight away on everything, with the six-hour window only being used for cases where the first voter spots a fixable problem in a large proposal. We’ve only recently started extending it to say “greentick, will definitely vote FOR in six hours” on very basic amendments, and we apparently even had a polite moratorium on “repeal rule X”, the simplest and least rewordable proposal possible.

Something’s causing proposals to time out right now, even though all the players are fairly active and interested in the gameplay. If it’s because people are being shamed for “locking down” a proposal, and those who feel pressure to refrain from voting in the first six hours don’t manage to vote later, we should stop doing that.

Anyway: against as this removes the interesting part of Lockboxes - why negotiate a trade for a rival’s Key, when you can just get an accomplice to join the game for five minutes and give you theirs?

And new players currently end up at the back of the queue anyway, so will already have access to Fibreboard.


02-06-2018 09:47:55 UTC

@Kevan, you asked a question with that “repeal X” proposal, I’m fairly convinced that people left time to wait to see the answers to what you asked to then make a sensible vote accordingly.


02-06-2018 09:54:04 UTC

True enough. Although you didn’t vote either way, despite sounding in your comment as if you liked the rule?


02-06-2018 10:00:59 UTC

(There have been cases of Moratorium elsewhere though, I agree. Part of it could be simple apathy or personality too. Dia, Pine and Samze are new and probably prefer to take a more prudent approach, pokes seems just borderline active rn, card seems to agree with the self-lockdown and I’ve personally been avoiding locking down since forever with my trademark “greentick”.)


02-06-2018 10:08:19 UTC

And yeah, that previous message of mine explains it lol @Kevan. Didn’t realize you posted before me while then.


02-06-2018 14:52:36 UTC

Personally I’m in a current situation where I have a limited time frame to read proposals so often if I don’t have the time to analyse it I let the others vote first and then only take the time for those where my vote might change the outcome (this also explains why I haven’t had time to make my own proposals lately).
against Maybe a random supply or two for newcomers ? They’re already entering into one of the advantageous positions in the queue because of the Fibreboard which is a good starting bonus in itself.


02-06-2018 16:05:50 UTC



02-07-2018 19:10:01 UTC

against CoV