Thursday, August 02, 2018

Proposal: starting again without infinite actions

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Adminned at 02 Aug 2018 15:52:12 UTC

Make a new rule titled “Status” with the text

Mortals have the following stats tracked in the GNDT. Parenthesis indicate what they can be notated as in the GNDT and elsewhere.
Immortality Points (IP) which defaults to 1.
Health Points (HP) which defaults to 100.
Thirst Points (TP) which defaults to 0.
Energy Points (EP) which defaults to 10.
Percentage of Time (PT) represents how much of a percentage of life time has control over you. It is a percentage equal to (the Mortal’s HP minus IP) divided by 200.

A Mortal with 0 HP is dead and cannot take any Dynastic actions.

Make a new rule title “The Immortal” with the text

The Immortal is not considered a Mortal for the purposes of Dynastic rules.

Make a new rule titled “No Lame Scams” with the text

Prevent any rule that names a specific entity, being, Mortal, consciousness or singular person to have achieved victory from being added to the ruleset.

Make a new rule titled “Reincarnation” with the text

When a Mortal is Reincarnated, the following happens in order:
*If their IP is greater than 10, set it to 10. If it is less than 10 increase it by 1.
*Their HP is set to default.
*Their EP and TP are set to 5.

Make a new rule titled “Time Reaper” with the text

Starting at The Immortal’s discretion, they can change the state of the Clock to ticking. The state of the Clock is tracked in the Immortal’s HP column in the GNDT. Valid states are stopped and ticking, with the default being stopped. Every weekday at 00:00:00 UTC the following effects occur in order if the Clock’s state is ticking:
*The product of each Mortal’s HP and PT are subtracted from their HP.
*Any dead Mortals are Reincarnated.

The Immortal will maintain a stickied post with the title “Akashic Records” and will make a comment each weekday containing the text “X has been Reincarnated” where X is a list of all Mortals Reincarnated for that day.

Make a new rule titled “Supertask” with the text

A Mortal may spend 1 IP to perform a Dynastic action they could legally take otherwise and then apply the effects of performing that action a finite and positive integer number of times, within 1 second. They must state how many times they are performing that action in the GNDT comment when spending the IP and that Mortal is considered to have done that action as many times as they stated when they spent the IP.

simply merged the proposals instead of splitting them up again. luckily i was able to clear the queue to do this instead of wait 8 hours for my proposal slots back



02-08-2018 03:02:17 UTC

“A finite and positive integer” Do you mean a natural number?


02-08-2018 03:40:46 UTC

{Jumble} natural numbers apparently sometimes include 0 and sometimes don’t. I’d rather just stick with what it currently is since there’s no ambiguity


02-08-2018 05:01:05 UTC



02-08-2018 07:39:22 UTC


Kevan: he/him

02-08-2018 08:38:59 UTC

for “Every weekday at 00:00:00 UTC” is bad form, though, this should be a human action so that nothing gets tangled up if we forget to apply it promptly (or at all).

And do we really need “No Lame Scams” any more? (It was just a safety measure you added in response to Cuddlebeam’s weird self-killed I-win proposal back in May, yes? Which never went anywhere and which could have been invoked again if it was a real scam - easily avoiding naming the player it was handing victory to - but nothing ever happened.)


02-08-2018 10:33:19 UTC



02-08-2018 10:37:50 UTC

From the comment of that proposal: “Boom. Ain’t I thrilling.”


It was bait. It was never meant to be anything. Bait because of my long-term plan at the time, and I felt I needed to constantly distract people so that random player time and attention wouldn’t end up touching the rule I needed and it would be spent on these sort of things instead.

derrick: he/him

02-08-2018 13:24:24 UTC


oh, the PT is meant to be a percentage…

I think the kill mechanism will now run afoul of Zeno’s paradox, but that’s a minor issue that we can sort out.


02-08-2018 14:17:02 UTC


But it makes me wonder, what if someone wanted to perform an action 99^99 times… lol

derrick: he/him

02-08-2018 14:32:05 UTC


Then we write out the number instead of writing out the digits. The only problem comes if we have to do some high level calculations, and I suspect that will mostly solve itself, because the burden should fall on the one attempting it.

I’m curious to see if this dynasty ends up math heavy. I’m certainly not opposed to it ending up that way.