Thursday, September 17, 2009

Proposal: Starvation makes us weak.

Pases 3-1-3—arth

Adminned at 19 Sep 2009 00:05:08 UTC

Replace the contents of the Rule entitled “We All Starve” with the following:

If the Food and Water would ever become less than 0, it instead becomes 0 and Blognomic enters a Starvation Phase.  While Blognomic is in a Starvation Phase, Survivors cannot Eat and Drink and cannot take any actions defined in the rule entitled “Healing”.

When Blognomic has been in a Starvation Phase for 72 continuous hours, and at intervals of 72 hours after that for the duration of the Starvation Phase, all Living Survivors take Damage.

Whenever the Food and Water becomes greater than or equal to 10, if Blognomic is in a Starvation Phase then it ceases to be in a Starvation Phase.

Add the following text to the second paragraph of the Rule entitled “Communal Stats”:

The Community’s Status is Wounded if Blognomic is in a Starvation Phase and Healthy otherwise.



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17-09-2009 02:01:36 UTC

against I like the Metadynastic possibility. Seems plausible and fair.

redtara: they/them

17-09-2009 02:11:31 UTC


arthexis: he/him

17-09-2009 05:49:12 UTC



17-09-2009 12:05:51 UTC

imperial Both versions make flavour sense, and I’m not sure which would be better gameplay.


17-09-2009 14:44:39 UTC

imperial  abstaining

arthexis: he/him

17-09-2009 15:41:13 UTC

I’d like to explain that I think this is a more flavourful consequence of running out of food that just getting to Metadynasty. Other rules already specify what happens when we get rid of all living survivors (military victory), so this makes more sense, and is much more fair, than simply saying no one wins.


17-09-2009 15:48:34 UTC

Hah, if we’re too lazy to get food then I think it’s pretty fair that no one wins….

arthexis: he/him

17-09-2009 19:57:25 UTC

@Qwaz: Maybe it’s not that you’re lazy, maybe you just spent more than you saved, a possible side effect of being attacked by ZOMBIES.

Furthermore, you’re an Infected, it is an irrational action to help the non-Infected.


17-09-2009 20:05:37 UTC

It is true, my goal is for everyone to be Infected.