Monday, January 17, 2011

State of the dynasty

This dynasty has once again hit the point of lots of cool starting mechanics and then no where to go from there. My plan of having everyone working together got shot down. Does anyone have a good idea of where to go from here / how to make this dynasty interesting again? I’ll try to come up with something tomorrow, but haven’t had much luck in the quick thought I’ve given it just now.



17-01-2011 06:36:50 UTC

Here’s something from Purplebeard from that last teamwork proposal, just for the sake of thinking about, because I think it has merit:

“Maybe it would work better if there were special trails created by the Sandbox Master that require a certain amount of ants to follow and return a specific resource, like a raid of a rival colony for eggs, or a tasty caterpillar that needs to be overwhelmed and killed before it can be harvested.”

At the moment I think trails in general need some further investigation - I found creating a trail today remarkably annoying, and as soon as another person follows it it’s going to disappear again.

I’ll be sure to give it some thought too, because I like this theme (and, ant puns)


17-01-2011 09:27:02 UTC

I don’t recall a general objection to the idea of a cooperative dynasty, but we’d need to take several points into account to make it work:

a) Most players will need an incentive before they will work together. This can either be an explicit requirement of teamwork for certain actions (like the above idea) or a common threat that needs to be dealt with before victory can be achieved (e.g. starvation).
b) Most of the time, only a little under quorum of players are actually active in the dynasty-specific gameplay. A lot of players are content just voting on proposals and occasionally writing one, and will just let their ant sit there until they see an opportunity to win. Any mechanic that requires over a quorum of ants to work together is probably doomed to fail.
c) If the victory condition requires teamwork, who wins? If it doesn’t, what is my incentive to help other players by sharing food and objects if it decreases my chance of winning?


17-01-2011 15:26:14 UTC

I’ve suggested an mechanism in favor for cooperation and altruistic food foraging. However, winning mechanisms or “real” benefits need to determined. Still, an incentive to prevent dying would be great, ds death at the moment is quite “cheap”.