Sunday, April 02, 2017

Statolith Yeilds Uneven Nutrition

I think there has been an errors in the weekly distribution of nutrients.


b5 g0 n10 m5 => b8 g4 n14 m8

b0 g17 n19 m0 => b1 g21 n20 m0

I would have thought that hanna, with three organs, would get b6g6n6m6, and eve, with 7, would get b14g14n14m14.

This is not a call for judgement because there might be something I missed.



04-02-2017 22:39:17 UTC

Seconded. I also gathered ambient nutrients by noting it in the GNDT but didn’t update the actual values so we can resolve this first. But however it ends up, add 15n to Hanna.


04-03-2017 06:44:33 UTC

Sorry. I was randomising 6 nutrients and 14 nutrients.
Do amend, I am at work.


04-03-2017 06:45:46 UTC



04-03-2017 06:47:55 UTC

Am paying attention, just having three major deadlines converge this week IRL. You can also message me to correct things when I drop the ball, faster than cfj


04-03-2017 06:52:09 UTC

Since this is an obvious mistake, I think it’s fine if anyone fixes it right now as the only statolith choice made here was when the action happened, and I made that already. So it’s just a standard fix of an update.


04-03-2017 07:03:09 UTC

Seriously though - do send me messages if I am tripping up this week… I am back to regular hours after that. And apologies again, shouldn’t have tended to the beautiful blobs that we are while asleep…


04-03-2017 16:15:27 UTC

Thanks Pokes arrow  arrow