Monday, October 08, 2018

Proposal: Stay on Target!

2 to 1 after 48 hours. enacted by derrick.

Adminned at 10 Oct 2018 15:51:16 UTC

Add to the rule "Terminals"
A program has a target, which is the name of a program defaulting to its owner, and tracked in the GNDT. A program may change their target as a daily action.

After the line `var randomSeed = "__RANDOM";` insert:

Add to the rule "Formatting":
The area in the Master Control Program between "// GLOBAL VARIABLE SECTION" and "// END GLOBAL VARIABLE SECTION" is known as the Global variable section.

when adding a function to the master control program, it shall not be placed inside an existing function not specified, and if shall not be placed after the first if statement outside of a function.

insert into the Global Variable Section:
var actingProgram = "__PROGRAM"

Add to the Bullet list in preprocessor
*"__PROGRAM" may be replaced by the Name of the Program which is executing the Master Control Program

Add these functions to the Master Control Program:
function getProgramInfo(program){
var programInfo = GNDTArray.filter(entry=>entry[0]==program);
if(!programInfo) printLine("Illegal Execution! invalid program name");
else return programInfo;

function getTarget(program){
var info = getProgramInfo(program);
if(info) return info[3];

Right now the identity of who runs the program doesn’t matter. This will allow players to target allies and enemies for different effects.



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10-09-2018 16:12:27 UTC



10-09-2018 16:43:13 UTC

“Right now the identity of who runs the program doesn’t matter.” is false, though - the value of __INPUT depends entirely on who is doing the executing.


10-09-2018 16:49:34 UTC


True, but their is some nuance there: it doesn’t matter if I use ‘e’ or if you use ‘e’.


10-09-2018 18:30:43 UTC

If “e” has the effect of being bad news for players with an “a” in their output and good news for players with a “c” in it, though, only one of us will want to use it.

It feels like the Input codes are probably enough here, really, since they’re so strongly based on unique usernames to begin with.



10-10-2018 15:53:14 UTC