Friday, March 30, 2007

Proposal: Stayin’ Alive v.1

Quorum Reached. 6-2. 24 DNA points to the proposer. 8 to everyone who voted.—Clucky

Adminned at 31 Mar 2007 12:34:35 UTC

Create a new Dynastic Rule “Death” with the following text:

Each Lifeform has a field “Status” in the GDNT that is either Alive or Dead.  All Lifeform’s Status begins as Alive.  A Lifeform may change their status from Dead to Alive by reseting all GDNT fields to the values of a new Lifeform, and reseting Evolutionary Variables of their creature to the starting value.  An Lifeform may not change any other Lifeform’s Status unless explicitly stated by the rules.

Basically, allows us to create means of “killing” lifeforms, and forcing them to start over.


Angry Grasshopper:

03-30-2007 22:06:47 UTC



03-30-2007 22:22:02 UTC

for Does it work like that in Spore? ;-)


03-30-2007 22:36:14 UTC

against I’d prefer not to.  (Not a strategic vote, I swear!)


03-31-2007 03:42:20 UTC

for Forcing them to start over, or scrapping development if you get bored / annoyed with your own species :P


03-31-2007 10:16:56 UTC

Eh, I think either death will be made rare enough that it won’t really have an effect, or there will be some frustrated players if they get wiped out later in the game.

Having a way to scrap development does seem reasonable, though (but I’m not sure this is necessarily the best way to do it).


03-31-2007 13:45:28 UTC



03-31-2007 14:23:33 UTC


Simply because this proposal, in its current form, does nothing. If it passes it will take a second proposal to actually define what dead means.(Currently, dead creatures are just as alive as alive creatures). Thus I am against this not because I dislike the idea(the idea is fine) but simply as a strategic method to prevent DNA points from being earned for a meaningless proposal.


03-31-2007 16:11:00 UTC

So Clucky, you like the dead proposal, but it’ll take a second proposal to clarify it, so you’re going to vote against so I have to make a second proposal to clarify it?  I mean, if you want it clarified I can propose one as soon as this passes (you just vote for it) and I’ll propose an amendment: “A Lifeform that is Dead cannot achieve victory”.


03-31-2007 17:18:24 UTC

I just think that death should actually do something. Like “A lifeform that is dead may not increase eir evolutionarily variables”


03-31-2007 17:44:04 UTC

but it shouldn’t matter even if it does.  I mean, you can keep getting evolutionary variables and what not, but you can’t win unlkess you’re alive.  And you’ll just have to change from dead to alive and start over.


03-31-2007 19:33:33 UTC

for CoV