Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Proposal: Stealing Ideas

Times out at 4-1. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 12 Oct 2006 08:17:33 UTC

Change the description of “Mischievous” in the rule “Special Enhancements” to

When this Vegetable is consumed, e gains one Mischief Fedora.

Create a rule entitled Mischief:

All Vegetables start with zero Mischief Fedoras.

A Vegetable with a positive number of Mischief Fedoras may, no more than once every 72 hours, decrease eir Mischief Fedoras by one and perform one of the following actions:
*Switch and Run

===Switch and Run===
A Vegetable who performs a Switch and Run shall make a post to the main page in which e states in either a haiku or a limerick that e has made a Switch and Run. E may then change a single instance of a single alphabetical character to another distinct alphabetical character. The post must clearly describe what character in what Rule is changed, and to what other character.

If the Switch and Run causes the word or sentence it appears in to be mistakeable for a typographical error, it may be corrected like any other such error by any Admin, as per Rule 1.

No character-instance may be changed in this way if:
* it is in any of the Core Rules, the Glossary, or this Rule, OR
* the word it is in is “Vegetable” or a GNDT column heading, OR
* the hatxx0rati0n would cause the Rule the character appears in to become inconsistent or incoherent, in whole or in part, OR
* the hatxx0rati0n would change the word the character appears into a Vegetables’s name.

Create a GNDT column entitled “MischiefFedoras”
Set all Mischief Fedoras to 0.



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imperial oh, I much appreciate the correction


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