Monday, November 17, 2008

Proposal: Step outside for a moment

Passes with Quorum after 12 hours—arthexis

Adminned at 17 Nov 2008 22:39:05 UTC

Add a new subrule to the Rule entitled “Locations”.  Call it “Walking” and give it the following text:

Two Locations are considered Adjacent if their entries on the Location page contain each others’ names.  A Location Exits to another Location if it is Adjacent to that Location or if its entry in the Location page explicitly states that it Exits to that other Location.

At any time, a Character may change their Location to any Location that their current Location Exits to.

Also, rename the Location “Sidewalk” to “Main St. Sidewalk” and replace the text “directly to the Sidewalk” in the Location “BuckyStar Café” with “directly to the Main St. Sidewalk”.

This way, it takes less than a week to cross the street.  The weekly method of travel represents taking a taxi or something.



17-11-2008 18:30:22 UTC

for for now

I think it should be changed to some finite number of moves per day or something, though.

Also, the Locations page should be able to explicitly say which Locations are adjacent as well as having the possibility setting restrictions on who can move to or away from the location and when (such as Bucky’s Alley being blocked for 15 minutes) instead of any location it mentions being considered adjacent.

SingularByte: he/him

17-11-2008 18:33:27 UTC



17-11-2008 18:45:13 UTC


Darknight: he/him

17-11-2008 18:52:18 UTC



17-11-2008 19:47:59 UTC


Clucky: he/him

17-11-2008 19:59:43 UTC

against I don’t like the “mentioned == adjacent” property.

Hello Sailor:

17-11-2008 20:34:53 UTC

for I didn’t like the “mentioned => adjacent” at first, but then noticed that it requires both locations to mention each other, which is acceptable, I guess.  Considering the sort of descriptions we’ve been getting so far, it’s pretty unlikely that 2 non-adjacent locations would mention each other, so I doubt there will be any accidental adjacencies.


17-11-2008 21:11:28 UTC

Not clear how this would work if, say, “Ambulance” or “Police Car” count as Locations.

arthexis: he/him

17-11-2008 22:04:26 UTC

I don’t like that it allows free moves to adjacent locations. Otherwise, it sounds right on. against


17-11-2008 22:10:02 UTC

for Should be a daily move, though, not free.


18-11-2008 01:06:09 UTC


Oni Tainlyn:

18-11-2008 05:21:16 UTC


arthexis: he/him

18-11-2008 06:38:04 UTC

for CoV with upcoming fix.