Monday, June 01, 2009

Proposal: Stirring the Pot Once More

Failed 5-3—Rodlen

Adminned at 03 Jun 2009 09:45:50 UTC

Create a new Dynastic Rule titled “Stirring the Pot” with the following text:

When a Contestant’s Location is set to ‘Kitchen’, as a weekly action, that Contestant may ‘Make Soup’. The Contestant makes a post to the blog entitled ‘Y’s Soup’ where Y is the name of that Contestant. The post must detail the color, obtained by rolling ‘COLOR’ in the GNDT, of the soup that the Contestant has created. Each Contestant may make a comment to the post once with a For icon symbolising that they have ‘Stirred the Pot’. Upon making the comment, that Contestant rolls COLOR in the GNDT. If the Contestant rolls the same color as the soup, that Contestant increases their Luck by 1, and rolls COLOR in the GNDT once more. If the color rolled is once again the same as the color of the soup, the Contestant has “Hit the Jack Pot” and increases their Fame by 2 and their Luck by an additional 1. When the number of For votes reaches Quorum, if they have not already done so, the Contestant who Made Soup may increase their Fame by 1.

Create a new subrule to Stirring the Pot titled “Soup’s Gone Flat” with the following text:

Whenever a Contestant has “Stirred the Pot” by commenting on a post more than 72 hours after it was created, that Contestant treats their corresponding COLOR roll as if it were “Burnt Siena.”

Includes the suggested fixes. Note that the GNDT automatically changes COLOR to COLOUR and rolls it, so that part is fine.

The concept is that Contestants are stirring in new ingredients to try to improve the Soup. If they roll the same color, they have done something to increase the Soup’s quality; if they roll a different color, they’ve obviously messed something up, so they derive no benefit.



06-01-2009 04:02:17 UTC

against .  Still not happy about giving everyone yet *another* weekly chore.


06-01-2009 04:12:08 UTC

*shrug* One for each room sounds about right. At least it’s not a Daily thing. Plus I want to be able to use COLOR, the last bit of the GNDT I haven’t had an opportunity to utilize yet.


06-01-2009 11:28:28 UTC



06-01-2009 16:14:14 UTC



06-01-2009 17:32:36 UTC



06-01-2009 22:53:11 UTC

how many colors are there, does anyone know?


06-01-2009 23:06:54 UTC

Looks like 10.


06-02-2009 02:04:16 UTC

better odds than go fish for


06-02-2009 12:45:55 UTC



06-02-2009 19:57:46 UTC