Friday, December 12, 2008

Proposal: Stone him to death!


Adminned at 13 Dec 2008 07:48:16 UTC

Reduce Rodlen’s PP by 1 for each FOR vote made on this proposal.



13-12-2008 00:08:12 UTC


I just played the game well.  No need to punish me for it.


13-12-2008 01:13:07 UTC

against I’m surprised that you would even think of doing this after we were the two with the highest honor in the last dynasty.


13-12-2008 01:38:57 UTC

But this IS the game.

:: FOR ::

What are the rest of us to do, spend the next seven days counting down to Rodlen’s victory? A lot of people want Jason Smith dead and it is not punishment for us to further that aim. ;)


13-12-2008 01:54:43 UTC

Saved by improper formatting.


13-12-2008 01:57:32 UTC

Rodlen had the same amount of time that everyone else had, with the exception of eljefe only because he joined late.  Just because Rodlen took more advantage of that time does not mean that we should take away all his hard work.


13-12-2008 01:59:36 UTC

By the way, we still have the secret rule.  Something is going to happen, we just don’t know what yet.  It could have a massive impact on the game or it could do almost nothing at all; we just don’t know.

arthexis: he/him

13-12-2008 02:27:50 UTC

Yeah, but not everyone was motivated to play during the dynasty. And I am not planning on going idle because you tell to do so.

Darknight: he/him

13-12-2008 03:51:36 UTC

against lol Art are ya ticked that he tried to blow ya up agew plot seeds back?


13-12-2008 04:07:11 UTC

I’m tempted to veto this on the grounds that it’s just plain not fair to Rodlen.  He worked hard for each one of those PP.


13-12-2008 07:23:11 UTC

against .  This comes across as a petty attack on someone who has simply played better.  If I were Narrator, I would veto this.


13-12-2008 07:24:16 UTC

(the path to beating Rodlen is applying lots of plot seeds and relationship costs.)

arthexis: he/him

13-12-2008 08:13:15 UTC

@Bucky: Technically. However, Yoda can also lower PP if I make a plot seed. See, from the start this dynasty is just basically Yoda hand picking who wins next. The secret rule merely reinforces this.

You guys know that every dynasty where I have played I always made proposals whenever I had a slot available, and tried to make interesting and fun mechanics. However, I also hoped I could get a chance for winning… With the mechanics currently in place, there is simply no point in trying.


13-12-2008 08:15:34 UTC

Then propose a change to Rule 2.7.


13-12-2008 11:22:11 UTC

against If Rodlen wins, he wins. I’d personally like a metadynasty…


13-12-2008 15:45:49 UTC

Arthexis: Actually, I can only raise your PP, not lower it.  And I only reserved the right not to give a PP so that we would not get a bunch of one or two word entries.


13-12-2008 15:47:38 UTC

Oh, and veto