Thursday, May 03, 2007

Story Post: Story Post?

I have added a single entry to the Created Pieces Page.  I hope this Story Post helps to explain my action.



05-03-2007 17:41:07 UTC

Remember to include the date you addd the piece :)

Story Post is selected from the same place as proposal.


05-03-2007 18:07:49 UTC

I suggest that in the “Creator” field in the Created Pieces page, the creator of the piece should use “~~~~” (four tildes).  Wiki automatically converts this to a signature with timestamp.


05-03-2007 19:21:34 UTC

Just put the date somewhere, as required.  ~~~~ won’t be helpful if I want to give or share credit with another Worker.


05-03-2007 20:55:27 UTC

~~~~~ will (that’s a date stamp by itself IIRC)