Saturday, April 15, 2006

Story Post: Day Five

The entire monastery vibrates with tension and hysteria—the idea that one of the monks could kill a brother for no apparent reason is such an entirely alien notion. Preparations are being made for the funeral mass of Ugolino, a messenger has been dispatched to Pisa to inform his abbot of his untimely demise, and all of the monks exhibit some nervousness.

At the hours of None, a sergeant of the guard and two of his investigators show up at the abbey, demanding to speak with the abbot. Create three tourists (Sergeant, and two Guardsmen). If the Porter would take them to whichever Location the Abbot has within two days, that would be excellent.

The Night Before

As Brother Bucky approaches the Graveyard Chapel, it seems as if e can make out some light cast from inside of the Chapel. Evidently two monks, dressed in black robes with the hoods pulled over their heads, are standing before the altar, which has some strangely colored candles burning and unusual incense. As e enters the Graveyard Chapel, the two monks turn to face him. One of them laughs maniacally and sweeps a brazier and several other small objects off of the altar. The sound of breaking glass and liquids are heard. Both Monks rush to the exit of the Chapel, and having extinguished the lights, it is not clear who these people are.

As Bucky moves up to the altar, he finds a brazier on the floor, a censer (still burning) containing a heady incense which e does not place, and a pile of broken glass on top of a puddle of some viscous clear fluid.



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