Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Call for Judgment: Story Post from past dynasties are no longer Story Posts

Does nothing now. Failing per the last sentence of 1.6. - lilomar

Adminned at 12 Aug 2010 11:39:28 UTC

The definition of Official Posts is (from Rule 1.7) “Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered official posts”.
From the definition of Official Post, I infer that if the rule specifying the format of an Official Post is repealed, that post ceases to be an Official Post.
The definition of Story posts (in the Glossary) requires a Story Post to be an Official Post.

Also, the description of the Code of Conduct action designated “UPPITT” explicitly requires that the post in question be a Story Post.  Any other citizen with ULTRAVIOLET clearance can confirm this.

Therefore, revert any processings of instances of UPPITT for comments on posts that were Story Posts in a previous dynasty but are not in this dynasty, and revert any changes in Clearance made based on the effects of those instances of UPPITT on Citizens’ Treason values.



08-10-2010 20:41:22 UTC

I see your point, but imperial because I don‘t know what UPPITT means.


08-10-2010 20:48:41 UTC

The exact text is irrelevant (though lilomar could choose to reveal it, I will not), however, what Bucky says is true; it largely comes down to whether Story Posts from prior dynasties are currently Story Posts.

As for myself, I’m currently undecided. Also note that DEFERENTIAL doesn’t work on CFJs.

Ienpw III:

08-11-2010 01:02:33 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

08-11-2010 01:37:11 UTC



08-11-2010 04:01:12 UTC

Since it is obvious to most what UPPITT is now, I’m revealing the text of that CoC entry:

UPPITT | Being the first Citizen to use an ARROW on a Story Post. | -1 TP

Abstaining for now, since I haven’t yet sorted through all the stuff that happened today.


08-11-2010 04:37:45 UTC



08-11-2010 17:36:29 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

08-11-2010 17:53:55 UTC



08-12-2010 18:32:40 UTC