Friday, May 25, 2007

Story Post: Story Post: Safety First

When I came from Heath Robinson Inc. to lead the Engineering Group here, I thought things at my new company couldn’t be any worse.  I was wrong.  The GWF group here at Goldberg is even lazier than the SSI Team I’m used to dealing with.  At least their parts actually fit together occasionally.  The design group here is a total disgrace.  Also, the prototype I came here to work on isn’t even in working order, and the entire Assembly team has been mysteriously ill since I showed up.  Furthermore, as the machine has no safety devices and the GWF team wasn’t doing any design, I went ahead and built one myself, so that when [not if]  the machine goes haywire, I can stop the process with a well-placed cow.

I will be returning to the Engineering group on Monday.


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