Monday, March 09, 2009

Story Post: [Skirmish Idea] We negaloyalties are the Enemy

This is an idea for a skirmish. I would start this eventually, but I don’t have positive loyalty. The damage values are WeaponA damage rating + Weapon B damage rating. The spies are because, as discussed on IRC, I’m the head of the Ministry of Spies.

1 Darth Cliche (10 health, 0 armor, 2 damage)
1 Darknight (10 health, 0 armor, 13 damage)
1 Qwazukee (10 health, 0 armor, 2 damage)
1 Wakukee (10 health, 0 armor, 17 damage)
20 Spies (1 health, 0 armor, 1 damage)

Wak and DK are scary…



09-03-2009 22:10:01 UTC

Lock and load.


09-03-2009 22:42:07 UTC

Um… Are people going to kill me or an enemy by my name? Because I don’t think that There is a rule for people actually attacking me or for me attacking back…

Clucky: he/him

10-03-2009 00:11:08 UTC

Can we get Darknight and Qwaz off there and add Rodlen?


10-03-2009 00:35:27 UTC

The theme is that the people with negative loyalties are evil.


10-03-2009 00:36:03 UTC

So no.


10-03-2009 00:43:13 UTC

DC attacking himself. Masochistic much?

Darknight: he/him

10-03-2009 08:12:13 UTC

LMAO. well if I take POW’s I’ll force them to play nice little card game as demo’d here.

enjoy lol


10-03-2009 18:43:46 UTC

Gnauga: We would propose a rule preventing the disloyal from joining.

Wak: We’d propose a rule.


10-03-2009 18:45:48 UTC

Rewording of the above:

Rules set in stone? This is NOMIC!


10-03-2009 20:58:35 UTC

I just don’t really like this… can we, like, require a public agreement to be an enemy rather than just put up on the chopping block?

Kevan: he/him

10-03-2009 21:09:30 UTC

They’re probably just hallucinations.