Friday, May 05, 2006

Story Post: the Feast of Saint Ignotus

Today being the Feast of Saint Ignotus,  The Abbot led a special chanting session (+1 to everyone’s Integrity).  Then, all the Monks congregated at the Banquet Hall at A-16C.  Most of the monks, who are used to plain, meager rations, stuffed their faces in a very un-monkly manner (+8 to everyone’s Moves, -1 to everyone’s Integrity).  The principal topics of conversation were the installation of the new bronze bell in the entryway, the strange black-robed monks last seen to the north of the abbey and the conspicuous absence of Elias IX, whom nobody has seen since Monday morning.

After the feast, everyone went back to their previous positions.

(net result: +8 to everyone’s Moves)


Angry Grasshopper:

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Seems good to me.