Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Story Post: Story Post: The machine runs!

Late last night, I discovered a link between the machines activation system and our automated payroll database.  By making continuous transactions of 1¢, the machine could be made to operate continuously.  For one night, I ran the machine far faster than its safety limits and broke all production records.  When I cashed in my bonus check afterwards, I set the salary records as well due to the generosity of my patent licensing contract.  Sadly, our struggling company had not yet had time to capitalize on its newfound productivity, and the check put us well in debt when I cashed it.  However, I have now filed a patent for our new production accelerator.  And since I now own our main source of revenue, I feel justified in purchasing the rest of the company as well with my last bloated paycheck.



05-06-2007 15:11:37 UTC

Reminds me of office space.