Sunday, May 21, 2006

Story Post: The Plague part 2

The plague rages on and more Monks get sick, while those already sick grow worse.
Make the following changes to the gamestate in the listed order:
For each Monk who has a Virus:

A)Decrease eir Temporary Fitness by DICEX where X=2
B)If eir Temporary Fitness is less than -2, decrease eir Fitness by a single unit, remove eir Virus and give em an Item called “Immunity”.

If the (DICEN)th Monk in the GNDT has neither a Virus nor an Immunity, give them a Virus, where N is the number of active Monks. Repeat this 1 time(s), unless no remaining Monks qualify for infection.

Create a new post to the blog identical to this post except for the following list of changes

A) The time accurately reflects the time at which it was created.
B) Increase all integers in the new version by 2.

I recommend that the Abbot does not approve the new post until at least 13 hours have passed.



Elias IX:

24-05-2006 11:46:28 UTC

Mmmm, exponential.


28-05-2006 18:59:06 UTC

Not if AG doesn’t keep approving them.


28-05-2006 19:00:09 UTC

Also note the “a single unit” wording.

Angry Grasshopper:

29-05-2006 06:02:17 UTC