Monday, November 17, 2008

Proposal: Structuring the Plot


Adminned at 17 Nov 2008 07:48:59 UTC

Remove the text

There exists a wiki document called the “Plot Summary” whose contents have no effect on gamestate. This document may edited by any Character at any time, and should be edited to reflect updates in the Plot. Entries in the Plot Summary document should be kept as concise as possible.

from rule 2.1 “The Plot”.  Add a new sub-rule to rule 2.1 “The Plot” titled “Plot Summary” with the following text:

There exists a wiki document called the “Plot Summary” whose contents have no direct effect on gamestate.  However, the Plot Summary page may only be altered in manners specified by the ruleset.  Any entries in the Plot Summary document should be kept as concise as possible.

The Plot Summary page may be edited by the Narrator at any time.

Any Character other than the Narrator may, as a weekly action, add a section to the Plot Summary under the heading for the current date (adding the heading for the current date if needed).  The Narrator may then, within 24 hours, reward that Character by adding 1 to that Character’s PP.

Remove the text “The Narrator may, at any time, add 1 to any Character’s PP except his own unless he has already added 1 to that Character’s PP that day (in other words, one PP per Character per day).” from sub-rule 2.1.1 “Plot Points”.



17-11-2008 06:42:31 UTC

imperial .  I’m concerned about Narrator burnout; the dynasty should be structured so that it won’t collapse if you leave for a few days.

Darknight: he/him

17-11-2008 06:44:26 UTC

imperial indeed


17-11-2008 06:48:30 UTC

You will still be able to add to the story.  You just won’t be able to get rewarded for it unless you create some other method by which you get rewarded.


17-11-2008 06:51:52 UTC

Pretty much the only reason I made it to where I CAN give it to them instead of it automatically happening is because I fear too many one word entries.  This way, I can judge if they actually contributed to the plot or just added a string of meaningless words.


17-11-2008 06:51:58 UTC

Actually, CoV against .  The issues I see are:
1)Narrator burnout: as above
2)Proofreading: There should be a window during which we can edit the section we just added, in case we wish to correct a mistake.
3)Luck factor:If we happen to add our section during an extended period when the Narrator is unavailable, we miss our PP for the week.  To guard against this, the 24 hour window to award PP should be extended to 72 hours.
4)Restrictive of activity.  The more active among us may be involved in several plot events per week.  I think we should be able to add more than one event per week, even if we can only get credit for one.


17-11-2008 07:11:58 UTC

I just thought of something else, but I’m too tired to repropose tonight.

against s/k to keep discussion open


17-11-2008 15:48:31 UTC

veto The return of the self-veto!  Fear the self-veto!!!!!!!!!111