Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Proposal: Stunt Casting

Reached quorum, 13 votes to 3. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Mar 2009 03:36:11 UTC

Add a new rule, “Stunt Casting”:-

A Scripter may choose to Stunt-Cast a Scene by rolling an extra DICE12024 in the same GNDT comment as their die roll for the Body Count.

The Actor at this list of American film actors whose number matches the result of this die roll is the Stunt-Cast Actor for this Scene, and their name should be mentioned in brackets after the role they are playing, in the Scene. (For example, “The getaway car runs down a street vendor (Christopher Walken) and speeds into the night.”) A Scene may only have one Stunt-Cast Actor.

The Scripter should then find the Actor on IMDB by searching for that Actor’s name at (“Cast / Crew Name Search”, using “Actors only” or “Actresses only” as appropriate) and taking the first result that exactly matches the name given on the list.

  • If the Actor is listed as alive, the Scripter should count the number of awards that the Actor has won or been nominated for, according to their IMDB page. The Scripter may add that many Bodies to their own Body Count (unless this would add more than ten, in which case the Scripter may only add ten).
  • If the Actor is listed as dead, then the Scene must still be posted as a comment to the Drawing Board, but it is Cut immediately afterwards.
  • If no such match exists, then the writing crew shrug and no bonus is awarded.

The wiki page “List of American film actors” may only be changed by the Producer, who may alter it at any time.

If the wiki page “List of American film actors” has been altered since its initial creation, it shall be reverted to that initial version when this proposal enacts.



03-18-2009 15:17:09 UTC

So… do the bonus Bodies get added to the scene, or just to the Scripter’s total body count?


03-18-2009 15:21:54 UTC

Ah, I meant their personal body count, I forgot that the stat was called “Bodies” rather than “Body Count”. But I think “their own Body Count” can only really mean one thing here, if it says “their own”.


03-18-2009 15:53:15 UTC

Hmm.  It’s a cool idea, but I’m not sure how it would play out. imperial


03-18-2009 16:10:14 UTC



03-18-2009 16:37:22 UTC

That’s one big die.  imperial


03-18-2009 17:24:38 UTC

for Sweet.


03-18-2009 19:20:50 UTC

This is huge. imperial


03-18-2009 20:03:17 UTC

imperial sounds pretty scary to me! :P


03-18-2009 20:05:12 UTC

I don’t know none of y’alls American actors. Incredibly, other countries do exist. Unless there’s overwhelming favour for this, I’m against; I want to avoid DEF vote control for this because I know I’m not representative of the masses here…


03-18-2009 20:16:50 UTC

I’m American, but I don’t know any American actors. Anyway, it’s only for mechanic’s sake. If I am correct, Kevan himself isn’t American.  for

Also, yes, other countries do exist. Leave your snark at home.


03-18-2009 20:28:07 UTC

Hmm, didn’t see the American part. It won’t be as much fun if there’s no chance of getting Sean Connery.


03-18-2009 21:02:15 UTC

Correct, I’m English. I assumed that we were making an overblown Hollywood film here, but if people want to amend the actor list to include other nations, they can just put it to a vote.


03-18-2009 21:21:12 UTC

Silly assumptions. the film is being made in our great Nation, not America, though they are our allies. Against Eurasia. Or Eastasia. Or Oceania. Or wait, is that us? Or…

- Devenger, Propaganda Officer.

( for I guess we can hire these silly American actors. After all, it’ll be fun trying to fit in random people based on their IMDB profile. )


03-18-2009 21:34:04 UTC


CoV against

because of my idea for a victory condition which everyone seemed to like; whoever has the most bodies once the total bodies reaches or exceeds 1000. If we shrink the die, then I’d be fine.


03-18-2009 22:14:39 UTC

I said in the AA ‘if we don’t reach 1000 in half our running time…’ - the total bodies requirement can be 2000, or even as high as is deemed suitable.


03-18-2009 22:38:13 UTC



03-19-2009 06:00:42 UTC



03-19-2009 06:52:20 UTC

for Well I like this proposal :P


03-19-2009 08:58:45 UTC



03-19-2009 11:22:31 UTC

for You’re insane.


03-19-2009 14:56:04 UTC

for It’s a big die but it is for an award lookup table, it doesn’t add bodies to the scene but adds them to your personal count.

(On the Internet everybody is an American)


03-19-2009 21:00:00 UTC

This is gonna pass.


03-20-2009 06:17:02 UTC