Thursday, October 29, 2009

Story Post: Subgame: Wikirace #1

The name of this Subgame is “Wikirace #1”. It has a Stake of 4 Points.

To play this game, a player must find the shortest path between a random article on Wikipedia, and the “Nomic” article. A path is defined as the number of article links that must be clicked to take the user from the starting article to the target article. (The clicked links must be in the body of the article, and cannot include a page starting with “Special:” or “Category:”. Players must not edit links into articles used in their path, during the Subgame, nor encourage other people to add those links.)

The game has three phases; Signup, Declaration and Reveal. Each phase must last at least 24 hours, and begins or ends whenever Kevan announces in comments to this post that the phase has begun or ended.

  • During the Signup phase, any Player may join the Subgame. (Players who join after the Signup phase are inelegible to win.)
  • At the start of the Declaration phase, Kevan shall select a random Wikipedia article and announce it in the comments. During the Declaration phase, any Player who has joined the game may post the length of their Wikirace path from this article to the target article, as a comment.
  • During the Reveal phase, any Player who posted the length of their Wikirace path may post a list of the articles that make up a path of that length from the starting article to the target article, so long as this does not duplicate an earlier list of articles posted by another Player.

When the Reveal phase ends, the Player with the shortest valid Wikirace path (excluding those who failed to post a path length, or who broke any other rules of the Subgame) is the winner of that Subgame. If this would mean that more than one Player is the winner, the Player who joined the game earliest is instead the winner. (The GM is considered to have joined the game after all other Players.)

Okay, let’s try a Subgame.



10-29-2009 15:32:07 UTC

The Signup phase begins.


10-29-2009 15:34:35 UTC

I’ll play.


10-29-2009 15:46:42 UTC

Per Rule 2.9, you need to spend 4 Points (the Stake) and use a FOR icon to formally join.


10-29-2009 19:02:05 UTC

for I should read the ruleset occasionally.

Ienpw III:

10-29-2009 22:14:52 UTC

Pot: 8.


10-29-2009 22:29:50 UTC

Can I join if I have negative points?


10-29-2009 22:59:18 UTC

Afraid not - you have to spend four points to join, and “A player cannot spend points if their score after the spending would be negative.”

The pot is actually 12 right now, as I’m automatically a player.

Ienpw III:

10-29-2009 23:28:33 UTC

Oh yeah.


10-30-2009 15:58:05 UTC

Signup phase ends, Declaration phase begins.

The start article is Teresa Billington-Greig. Jeff, Yuri and myself now have at least 24 hours to find the shortest path from this article to the Nomic article. Further players may not join the game.

Ienpw III:

10-30-2009 23:36:52 UTC

Wikirace Path length: 3


10-30-2009 23:47:38 UTC

I’m stuck at 5.

Ienpw III:

10-31-2009 14:38:20 UTC

Well, actually, idk how long my path would be. I have
Start article - article - article - nomic.
3 clicks. idk if this is 3 or 4.


10-31-2009 14:43:55 UTC

Yeah, that’s three. (“A path is defined as the number of article links that must be clicked to take the user from the starting article to the target article.”)


10-31-2009 16:01:01 UTC

Bleh, I’m nowhere close.


10-31-2009 16:05:03 UTC

Yeah, okay. I’ve got three as well.


10-31-2009 16:06:55 UTC

Declaration phase ends, reveal phase begins.

I had, for five steps:-

Teresa Billington-Greig → Suffragette → Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution → United States Constitution → Constitution → Nomic.


10-31-2009 17:02:02 UTC

I got to that point but managed to cut a couple out:-

For three points, Teresa Billington-Greig -> 1964 -> Constitution -> Nomic.

Ienpw III:

10-31-2009 17:34:57 UTC

Josh and I had the same.
Josh wins.


10-31-2009 18:53:16 UTC

In this sort of race, year pages tend to be banned on the basis that they’re so easy to get to, and nearly always end up being the part of the shortest route unless there’s an obvious route avoiding them.


10-31-2009 19:21:34 UTC

Yeah for preference I would have omitted the year and category pages, but it wasn’t explicitly stated…


11-01-2009 18:34:55 UTC

Reveal phase ends. Josh wins. I’d forgotten about years, I haven’t played this for a while.