Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Subroutine Report: L0GS

Tape reels spin, and the signature records of recent Subroutines are piped to the earpiece of a Crewmember.



18-02-2015 09:57:22 UTC

This was my L0GS. In alphabetical order: ais523, ayesdeeef, Bucky, Darknight, _Fox_.

The corresponding Subroutines, in chronological order: MD1C on Darknight, MD1C on Darknight, MD1C on ayesdeeef, ASUM, M4RK.

I think it’s pretty fair to match up the two MD1Cs on Darknight with Darknight and Bucky. Bucky was responsible for the original Injury of Darknight (claimed here, second comment), and has shown a pattern of trying to heal Injured players. This means that Bucky can’t have been involved in the M4RKbomb on Darknight (because Bucky was disabled by the time his MD1C cleared). The other MD1C on Darknight was a self-MD1C, claimed here (second comment).

The M4RK was by me. I submitted it immediately after the M4RK-flushing that hit Darknight, because I wanted to lengthen the queue and it was the first Subroutine that came to mind.

That leaves the MD1C on ayesdeeef, and the ASUM. There’s no absolute proof here, but given the combination of the timing of when ayesdeeef was Disabled, and how much sense the actions would make, it was almost certainly a self-MD1C by ayesdeeef, meaning that _Fox_ submitted the ASUM (presumably on himself, but it would have had the same effect on any Command Role). Notably, that ASUM resolved before my M4RK. Either _Fox_ had very quick reactions, therefore, or his ASUM was in the queue already at the time of the M4RKbombing.

_Fox_ is thus in the clear as not having been involved in the M4RKbombing. It would make no sense for Darknight to M4RKbomb himself. Bucky and ayesdeeef were disabled at the time.

We know that there were at least two M4RK subroutines around at the time of the M4RKbomb (three subroutines here, and only one was accounted for, _Fox_’s ASUM); possibly more, if people waited until the last moment to submit them. One was by me, and aimed at Brendan (not Darknight). The possible people who could have submitted the others are {Sylphrena, Josh, Skju, Brendan, Put}; we now know that at least two from that set are involved (because Sylphrena and Brendan both GNDT-Marked Put).

If neither Sylphrena nor Brendan were involved in the M4RKbomb, then {Josh, Skju, Put} is the only possible M4RKbomb conspiracy. Given how inactive Skju and Put have been, this seems incredibly unlikely.

Thus, this seems to be even stronger evidence than we already had that either Sylphrena or Brendan was M4RKbombing. Brendan claimed that he didn’t do it and he didn’t think that Sylphrena did it either; this has now been disproven. Sylphrena claimed to have missed that the Flushing would occur, which is much more believable IMO.

So yep, I think Sylphrena’s trial is spot on, and we’ve bagged ourselves an Android.