Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Story Post: [Challenge]:Succession Challenge

Come one and all. For a cost of 30 cookies, your dragon can face off one on one with the Dragonmaster’s strongest dragon, the deadly red dragon known as Hellfire. A beast whose muscle, scales, wings and inferno like flame peak in at a skill rank of 30 each and who’s heartbeat tops in at a mighty 200. To the breeder whos dragon can topple this mighty foe comes the greatest reward, the tile of Dragonmaster. But beware to those that come with little skill, for Hellfire is not afraid to stain the sands with the blood of the weak. Steel your nerve and bring your best…. or don’t come at all.



15-10-2008 02:37:13 UTC

I’m in.  I’ll start by using my Miracle Elixir.  Temporary Muscle+6, Scales+7, Wings+6 and Flame+7.


15-10-2008 02:39:07 UTC

I open up with a Dragon Fang.  The result of the 3DICE68 roll was a 77.  Hellfire takes 47 damage (153 heartbeat left).  This is greater than Hellfire’s Muscle so it is still my turn.


15-10-2008 02:44:37 UTC

I then follow up with a Dragon Claw.  Hellfire takes 136 base damage, reduced to 106 by scales(47 heartbeat left.)  Hellfire also loses 2 points of Scales.  My turn ends.

Darknight: he/him

15-10-2008 22:32:22 UTC

whaaaa. i lose my comp for a day and all hell busts out lol.

I’ll open with a dragon fang. 3DICE30 was 54-6=48 damage (52heartbeat left). turn ends. (poo)


15-10-2008 22:47:20 UTC

Darknight, recall I have 2 Rings of Resist, and have +7 Scales from the Miracle Elixir.  Therefore, I only lost 37 heartbeat from your Dragon Fang.

I will use Dragon Claw.  Hellfire takes (124-28=)96 damage and dies.

Darknight: he/him

15-10-2008 22:49:34 UTC

*shrugs* couldn’t raise my dragins stats. ah well. I’m happy to have had a dynasty.