Friday, November 18, 2022

Summaries of Turns 2 and 3

Since the other turns all have associated blog posts, I figured I’d put out a late unofficial version for the two turns where it wasn’t done or required.

During the second turn:
Katelyn Dubose and Jackie Chan rode the Ferris Wheel.
Efren Vaughan, Cornelius Overbold and Anderson Cooper took the Maze Line into the Maze.

During the third turn:
Myung Guerin and Jonny Sims rode the Ferris Wheel (gaining F). Martin Blacktree and Tom Hand took the Maze Line into the Maze, and James Sash took the Maze Line into the Plaza.
Elvis Presley took the Bathroom Line into the Bathroom.
Sophia Vergara made a purchase at the Gift Shop.
Shaquille O’Neal bought Brisket at the Barbecue stand.


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