Monday, February 12, 2007

Proposal: Supermarket Sweep

Timed out and failed, 8-2. Josh

Adminned at 14 Feb 2007 01:21:41 UTC

Following the British return of Dale and Supermarket Sweep…

Add New Rule, “Gameshow”;

Occasionally any Actor may participate in a gameshow. When they do they roll DICE3;

- on a roll of a 1, e GAINS 1 fame points.
- on a roll of a 2, e GAINS 2 fame points.
- on a roll of a 3, e LOSES 3 fame points.

Next time you go to the checkout and you hear the beep… think of the fun you could be having on Supermarket Sweep.



02-12-2007 02:05:45 UTC

I don’t know if I like this.  If I’m low on fame I’m just gonna play every day and hope my luck holds out, specially since statistically I’m gonna come out even.  against

The Doctor:

02-12-2007 02:06:38 UTC

Occasionally means once per week, unless thats changed.


02-12-2007 02:09:05 UTC

my understanding of the rules was once per 24 hour period.


02-12-2007 02:41:37 UTC

Occasionally: 1/week
Often: 1/day
(See Rule 3.2)


02-12-2007 02:48:34 UTC



02-12-2007 02:52:26 UTC

against should be a downside


02-12-2007 03:03:28 UTC

Downside : - on a roll of a 3, e LOSES 3 fame points.

But with a minimum value of 0 this is abuseable.  Should have a restriction that you need to have the fame to lose to be allowed to play… against


02-12-2007 08:09:33 UTC

Revise to require a certain amount of Fame (I like 17), and I’m game.


02-12-2007 09:53:44 UTC

for I don’t care, I think it’s awesome


02-12-2007 12:09:23 UTC

against Eh, dice.


02-12-2007 14:02:34 UTC

I like it; gaining 1 or 2 points and risking losing 3 is not abusable… besides, with “We Need Compensation II-rc2” no one would ever have 0 fame…


02-12-2007 16:17:03 UTC

Well, I have to give this an automatic against as long as there is any chance that “We Need Compensation II-rc2” will pass.  Gaining and losing fame is pretty irrelevant when your fame will be adjusted according to a set formula the next time your Filmography is modified.

The DICE3 roll should be keyed with a specific phrase to be used in the GNDT comments, so it is always clear exactly when a Game Show is being played.  Any time I roll a DICE3 (regardless of my reason) is not a good criteria for my participation.


02-12-2007 22:35:14 UTC

This is no good if Fame becomes a 0-100 scale…it would be a small change. With a Dependency Clause, I’d vote for this… against


02-13-2007 10:27:21 UTC



02-13-2007 20:03:05 UTC