Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Supply Crate #21

A government supply team gingerly wheel a new crate into the lobby, looking around the room nervously and glancing at their watches before heading back to the truck.

Tinned Food • Kindling • Unexploded Ordnance • Earplugs • Sewing Kit

Card takes first pick.



03-07-2018 10:44:51 UTC

Axemabaro doesn’t wake up, as they didn’t comment on the previous Crate. The Unexploded Ordnance also “explodes” (because I have to roll for it during Lobbykeeping no matter where it is), but this doesn’t mean anything in the current context, so it’s still in the Crate.


03-07-2018 11:31:11 UTC

Axemabaro could be Kindled to wake up (then be given a Crowbar and double-craction Pokes or Diabecko dead)


03-07-2018 12:10:20 UTC

This Crate has now been discarded by the enactment of “No last minute scams”.


03-07-2018 12:11:11 UTC



03-07-2018 12:39:08 UTC

I was so worried Cuddlebeam and Pokes would reverse their vote on the discard proposal :D…
Before I post a DoV, how does mantle-passing work ? When is it officially done ?


03-07-2018 12:40:19 UTC

(The rules say “That Resident may pass this role to another Resident at this point by making a post to that effect, if they wish.” but not when this post is made)


03-07-2018 12:41:27 UTC

Ok sorry, misread the rules… It clearly states it’s done after the DoV is enacted.


03-07-2018 12:48:26 UTC

I knew it was to defend this thing, all of the scam paraphernalia aside, but I totally forgot about it after voting for it lol.


03-07-2018 12:51:37 UTC

The thing is I’ve always discarded the crate while taking fibreboard so I totally missed the fact you can’t just discard an empty crate.