Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Supply Crate #6

A cold winter morning, and the lobby takes delivery of a faded and densely packed emergency crate:

Tinned Food • Can Opener • Backpack • Kindling • Backpack • Kindling • Kindling • Water

Cuddlebeam and PineTreeQ are first on the scene again.



30-01-2018 10:29:49 UTC

I take a backpack.


31-01-2018 17:33:05 UTC

I’ll take the can opener, stowing it in my backpack

Kevan: he/him

31-01-2018 18:12:22 UTC

[PineTreeQ] Looking at the Graveyard Slot proposal, you might want to keep the Can Opener somewhere else - players are only going to get to keep items which are “in their Slots”, and arguably that might not extend to things which are in the Slots of things which are in your Slots.

Kevan: he/him

31-01-2018 18:46:45 UTC

Ah, actually it’s illegal to put items straight into a Backpack that’s on your back anyway: “When in a hands slot the User may interact with the Backpack slots.”

I’ve put the Opener back into your hands.


31-01-2018 20:47:20 UTC

Thank you, I’d shortcuted putting the opener on my belt the backpack in my hand and the opener in the pack and then back on my back, but I should have explicated all that and i’m not sure it would work that way anyway.


01-02-2018 00:41:07 UTC

I take a kindling and with it kindle myself and card.


01-02-2018 01:43:44 UTC

I take a kindling and choose Diabecko


01-02-2018 07:52:16 UTC

Cool, thanks :). I was getting a bit cold.


01-02-2018 08:36:20 UTC

In honour of finding my actual kindle just now I’ll take kindling and Kindle Diabecko again ;)

Kevan: he/him

01-02-2018 13:35:47 UTC

Note that taking a Consumable item won’t trigger its effect, due to an oversight in Graveyard Slot, so Diabecko will probably want to wait before taking anything.

The Slot in the Dark CfJ will fix things.


01-02-2018 14:28:47 UTC

Thanks for the warning (and to Samzeman for the extra kindling).

Kevan: he/him

01-02-2018 16:30:12 UTC

Okay, all fixed, carry on.


01-02-2018 17:17:34 UTC

I take the backpack, discard the crate and take the Fibreboard.


01-02-2018 17:18:07 UTC

(I know I didn’t need to wait since I wasn’t taking a Consumable but I misread the crate contents :D)