Thursday, February 13, 2014

Proposal: Supply hazy, try again.

Passes 7-0. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 14 Feb 2014 05:30:30 UTC

Enact a new rule, entitled “Equipment” with the following text:

Survivors may possess Equipment. The Equipment a survivor possesses is tracked as a comma separated list in the GNDT, under Equipment.

A non-Disabled Survivor may transfer Equipment to another Survivor in the same location as themselves by removing the Equipment from their list and appending to the other Survivor’s list. A non-Disabled Survivor may transfer Equipment from a Disabled Survivor in the same location to themselves with the same method.

The possible types of Equipment are listed as subrules to this rule. Each Equipment has a Supply Cost.

Enact another rule, entitled “Requisitioning” with the following text:

Any Safe Survivor at Location 0 may suggest a distribution of supplies by making a Story Post with “Requisition” in the title. This is a Votable Matter, which only Safe Survivors at Location 0 may vote in.

A Requisition post must contain a list of any number of Survivors at Location 0, and for each, a list of new Equipment to be given to them.

After 48 hours, or reaching a Quorum of FOR or AGAINST votes, any Admin may resolve it. If there are more FOR than AGAINST votes the Requisition post passes, each Survivor listed receives the Equipment listed, and the communal Supplies are reduced by the Supply Cost of each Equipment distributed. If the total cost would be more than the supplies, or there are equal or fewer FOR votes than AGAINST votes, the Requisition post is failed instead, and nothing happens. If a listed Survivor has idled or is no longer at Location 0, the Equipment is not given to them, and the supply cost of that equipment is not subtracted from the communal Supplies.

Enact a subrule of the above rule, named “Theft” with the following text:

Any Evil Survivor, as a Weekly Action, may Steal from the Supplies, by adding an Equipment to their Equipment list and reducing the communal Supplies by the Supply Cost of the Equipment. If the new Equipment’s Supply Cost would be greater than the communal supplies, it may not be stolen.

Giving supplies a use.

Note that Infected Survivors have no way of getting new equipment, save by killing people and taking their stuff. This is intentional. I think they should get Cool Mutant Powers or something to compensate.

I also note that I haven’t added any equipment just yet. I’d rather let the basics in, and then think of cool things to use later.



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