Monday, September 26, 2016

Survey Didn’t Say

Just to note that Survey Says was enacted incorrectly - Brendan missed the “If the phrase “If a Councillor becomes Popular, their Staff increases by 1” does not exist in the ruleset, then remove the “Content” bullet point from the list in the rule created above.” clause, and left “Content” in. (Although The Party Can Always Find You enacted with all of its voters in favour of the EVC clause linking a Popular Councillor to a Staff bonus, it was an “equaling or exceeding Quorum” so didn’t trigger.)

ShareDVI, Aname and Josh all benefitted from the Content bonus overnight, but no such bonus exists, so I’ve reverted their extra Staff members. If any of those players only chose to adopt their Party or take other actions on the grounds of the Content bonus, they might want to issue a CfJ or proposal to issue an appropriate refund.


Brendan: he/him

26-09-2016 18:40:24 UTC

Ah, apologies.