Friday, July 05, 2019

Swamp Duel!

We fight in The Royal Swamp! (Chosen so that flying is not quite so much of an advantage, hopefully making a fair fight possible for more opponents.)
Default the rest of the things.


derrick: he/him

05-07-2019 21:21:15 UTC

I am willing to judge. Do not neglect the war!


06-07-2019 00:45:22 UTC

I will be your opponent. Excellent choice, I might add, on the area of combat. Hope your bug deterrent is up to the challenge.!


07-07-2019 18:37:38 UTC

I have sent my list, and await the conclusion. This duel will time-out soon, so I can safely join the regal battalions with 13 hours to spare!

derrick: he/him

07-07-2019 20:12:00 UTC

Mole [0]
Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Winged(+2) Badger [9];
Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Winged(+2) Zonkey [9];
Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Winged(+2) Emu [9];
Winged(+2) Fire-Breathing (+3) Swimming (+4) Giant (+3) Armored (+2) Numbat [14];

Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Sponge [7]
Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Armored(+2) Badger [9]
Spectral Swimming(+4) Winged(+2) Giant(+3) Zonkey[9];
Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Armored(+2) Numbat[9];
Swimming (+4) Giant(+3) Armored(+2) Zonkey[9];

In the royal swamps, massive aquatic beasts compete for position. Tyguy’s flyers circle looking for openings, while Kaia’s beasts rely on armor to hold key points. They are evenly matched except for Ty’s unmodified mole loosing its battle, but this is balanced by a exceptionally modified numbat crushing its opposition.

With 3 ties and 1 win each, the battle is very close. the tie breaker goes to Tyguy, The numbat was able to save the mole. Tyguy6 is the triumphant.

His Majesty enjoyed the display. What marvelous creatures! This will be the talk of the court! He gains 9 favor from the duel.